Exclusive first set photos/comments: Bogliano’s “LATE PHASES”


Fango recently spent a day checking out the filming of LATE PHASES, the English-language debut of celebrated South American director Adrián García Bogliano, and got to see both the cast and its werewolf in action. Read on for a few pics and quotes.

A production of Dark Sky Films and Site B Productions in association with Glass Eye Pix, LATE PHASES was scripted by Eric J. Stolze and stars STAKE LAND’s Nick Damici (1st and 2nd photos below) as Ambrose McKinley, a blind Army veteran who moves into a retirement home. There, he discovers that the residents have been falling victim to what first appear to be dog attacks, but prove to be the work of a marauding lycanthrope. The supporting cast includes CHEAP THRILLS’ Ethan Embry and SPARTACUS’ Erin Cummings and is pretty rife with veterans itself, including Tom Noonan (2nd photo with Damici) as Father Roger, HALLOWEEN II and THE LAST STARFIGHTER’s Lance Guest, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and THE STEPFORD WIVES’ Tina Louise, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’s Karen Lynn Gorney, HE KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE and WOLFEN’s Caitlin O’Heaney and THE FURY and AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION’s Rutanya Alda. Robert Kurtzman created the creature FX, with Brian Spears (3rd photo below, touching up Damici) handling the gore and character makeup.


Taking a break from filming outside a picturesque, gargoyle-laden church serving as the day’s location, Damici reflects that LATE PHASES, with its occasional humorous edge, represents a bit of a change of pace from his co-writing/acting collaborations with STAKE LAND’s Jim Mickle (also including MULBERRY STREET and this fall’s WE ARE WHAT WE ARE). “This has a totally a different vibe from what me and Jim usually work on,” he tells Fango. “The story lends itself to that, and I’m loving it. That’s one issue with me and Jim—he’s always taking my jokes out of the scripts, and I’m like, ‘Aw, dammit!’ And here, I’m just having a field day with that kind of stuff.” That includes adding his own lines “a little bit, here and there. Once I get into character, sometimes I realize, ‘Ah, I can’t really say it that way,’ so then I have to find my own way to say it, and hopefully it’ll work.”

For this and other reasons, he adds, “LATE PHASES is going to be very different from any other werewolf movie out there. It’s character-driven, character-based. I think it’s going to be a lark.”


LATE PHASES is also new territory for Bogliano, who has previously explored more human-oriented horrors in the likes of ROOMS FOR TOURISTS and COLD SWEAT. “Personally, I’ve never felt inspired to write something with a monster,” he says, “so it was great to be given Eric’s script. It was so solid, it offered a great chance to do a movie like this. What Robert Kurtzman and his team have done in terms of designing the werewolf is pretty amazing, though to me, the key idea is using it as a device to tell a story about old people who want to fight one last battle before their deaths. To me, that’s what drives the movie, rather than the monster. One of the closest references I can name—not in terms of the tone, but in the idea—is BUBBA HO-TEP by Don Coscarelli. It’s a completely different feel, but the idea is pretty similar.”


Later in the day, Fango gets the chance to witness the hairy villain first-hand, and though details can’t be divulged at this point, suffice to say that the presentation of the werewolf and its transformation are indeed unlike anything seen on screen before. Keep your eyes on FANGORIA’s pages for much more on LATE PHASES as it gets closer to release.


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