Exclusive full DVD/Blu-ray details & clip: Texas shocker “JACOB”


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He’s big, bald and out for blood: JACOB is coming on DVD and
Blu-ray in April, and we’ve got exclusive complete details on the jam-packed
special editions, plus an exclusive excerpt.

Written and directed by Larry Wade Carrell and produced in
Texas by Odyssee Pictures (creators of SWEATSHOP), JACOB stars Dylan Horne in
the title role, a mute, mentally disabled man devoted to his little sister
Sissy (Grace Powell). When she becomes a victim of violence, Jacob snaps and
embarks on a brutally vengeful rampage. The cast also includes Carrell (in a
dual role), Krystn Caldwell and Leo D. Wheeler; Michael Biehn and Jennifer
Blanc appear in flashback scenes. Kino Lorber releases the unrated director’s
cut on DVD and Blu-ray April 16, with anamorphic widescreen transfers and Dolby
Digital 5.1/DTS 5.1 soundtracks. Carrell gave Fango the scoop that the special
features will be:

• Audio commentary by Carrell, Horne and Powell

• Audio commentary by Carrell and producer/cinematographer
Stacy Davidson

• Deleted and extended scenes with commentary

• Storyboard-to-scene comparison with commentary

• “A Killer Cast” featurette (seen below)

• “The Production” featurette

• “Childhood Heroes” featurette

• “An Award-Winning Score” featurette

Yell! Magazine
interview at JACOB’s Canadian premiere

• Screen test

• Teaser trailer and preproduction pitch trailer

Retail prices are $26.95 for the DVD, $29.95 for the

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