Exclusive gory photos, poster: an American mummy rises (in 3D!) in “AZTEC BLOOD”


You don’t have to go to Egypt to unearth an angry ancient one, as demonstrated by AZTEC BLOOD, an indie horror flick shot in digital 3D. Read on for more info, a batch of exclusive pics and a new poster.

Previously titled AMERICAN MUMMY, AZTEC BLOOD was directed by Charles Pinion, whose previous movies include RED SPIRIT LAKE and WE AWAIT, from a script he wrote with producer Greg Salman. The cast is headed by Suziey Block, Aidan Bristow, Aaron Burt, Esther Canata, Erin Condry, Rudy Marquez and Peter Marr; according to the official synopsis, the film is “set in an archaeological dig in the New Mexico desert, where a group of university students unearth a mummy wearing a fearsome mask made out of a human skull. Carmen [Canata], a graduate student steeped in apocalyptic scholarship, performs a secret, bloody rite above the ancient corpse, awakening the spirit of Tezcalipoca, Lord of the Smoking Mirror. The camp and its occupants are soon filled with the blood-hungry spirit of Tezcalipoca, intent on spreading his evil to the world.”

Already an Audience Award winner at Australia’s Revelation Film Festival, AZTEC BLOOD also played Mexico City’s Macabro last year (under the AMERICAN MUMMY title) will hopefully have U.S. fest dates soon. Pinion tells Fango, “The movie was shot in 3D to be seen in 3D, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’m submitting it now in 2D to various fests, but some shots are just so much more fun in 3D!” See the movie’s official website (as MUMMY) here and look for more on AZTEC BLOOD soon!









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