Exclusive, haunting clip from “A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY”


A ghost of Christmas past haunts a few of the characters in an exclusive excerpt (with a bit of NSFW language) you can see past the jump from A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, coming to deliver holiday fear on disc next week.

The clip contains a horrific highlight from one of the intertwined stories of Yuletide terror seen in the movie, which hits Blu-ray and DVD from RLJ Entertainment next Tuesday, November 24. Created by the team behind the GINGER SNAPS franchise, headed by directors Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey and Brett Sullivan, A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY also features tales of Santa (George Buza) facing a bizarre zombie attack, the “anti-Claus” Krampus (Rob Archer) terrorizing a family and a child who comes home from a tree-cutting outing behaving in frightening ways. William Shatner co-stars as DJ “Dangerous Dan,” offering commentary throughout the film as it heads to its surprising conclusion. See our review of A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY here and an interview with its makers here.


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