Exclusive images: Synapse Films remasters “MOSQUITO” for disc release


Big bugs are flying to Blu-ray thanks to Synapse Films, and we’ve got some exclusive, gruesome frame grabs from the upcoming release.

Fango got the scoop that Synapse will give 1995’s MOSQUITO, starring TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE’s Gunnar Hansen, its hi-def disc debut; no release date has yet been set. Directed by filmmaker/FX artist Gary Jones and also starring Ron Asheton of The Stooges, MOSQUITO explores what happens when the picnic pests feed on the blood of alien corpses in a crashed spaceship and grow to several feet in length, attacking people at a national park. Jones is currently supervising a 2K remastering for Synapse (which, coincidentally, is also working on a new special edition of 1991’s POPCORN, which features a film-within-the-film called MOSQUITO); supplements are being provided by Red Shirt Pictures. We’ll bring you more details as we find ’em out!





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