Exclusive: Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon plotting “NEVERMORE” movie

by: Vivienne Vaughn on: 2013-02-04 17:01:54

Fango got the scoop that the creators of NEVERMORE: AN
EVENING WITH EDGAR ALLAN POE, the highly acclaimed one-man stage show about the
tortured master of horror literature, is on track for the screen.

Actor Jeffrey Combs revealed to us that a film adaptation of
the play, directed and written by frequent movie collaborators Stuart Gordon
and Dennis Paoli respectively, is currently in the works. “We’re waiting to get
a screenplay version finished, which should be pretty soon,” Combs tells Fango.
“Then we’re going to attempt a Kickstarter campaign for it to try to begin

The play, for which Combs won raves for portraying Poe, had
a tremendously successful, extended run at Hollywood’s Steve Allen Theater in
2009, then played special engagements in several other cities. However, despite
all the praise and popularity NEVERMORE has garnered, future productions seem
unlikely. “Not at this point,” Combs says. “All it takes is for me to grow a
mustache. and I can do it. It’s a little bit frustrating; I obviously don’t
live in New York and what I’ve come to find out is, in order to get plays like
this booked, you have to have a booking agent, and all of them are in New York.
Any attempt I’ve made to get them interested in my show, and pointing out the
success that it’s had and the following it’s got, has fallen on deaf ears.
Unfortunately, New York is a bit myopic; if it isn’t in New York, then it
really doesn’t have a lot of validity. That’s sort of the nature of the beast;
I can’t get upset about it, it’s just the case.” We’ll keep you posted on
further developments. Combs’ new horror feature WOULD YOU RATHER opens in
limited theatrical release and on VOD from IFC Films this Friday, February 8;
stay tuned for a feature interview with Combs on that film, and find out about
a free NYC screening on Thursday, Feb. 7 here

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