Exclusive new trailer, photos, release date: Artsploitation’s “BLOODY KNUCKLES”


Political correctness is the victim in the splattery, satirical BLOODY KNUCKLES, set for release this fall. We’ve got the exclusive scoop on when it’s coming, pics from the film and first look at the latest trailer.

Artsploitation Films releases BLOODY KNUCKLES to Blu-ray and DVD October 20, following a number of raucously received festival screenings. Matt O (a.k.a. Matt O’Mahoney) wrote and directed the movie; here’s the synopsis: “Travis [Adam Boys], an underground comic book artist with a penchant for obscene caricatures upsets a thin-skinned Chinatown crime lord, who responds by cutting off the young man’s hand. A despondent and now alcoholic Travis wallows in post-severed hand depression. Will criminality reign supreme? Will Travis give up his acerbic pen and live alone as a bitter one-handed man? Not if the slightly rotted hand, now alive and determined to exact revenge, teems up with his former body and a masked S&M gay superhero to rid the city of evil.”

Kasey Ryne Mazak, Ken Tsui, Gabrielle Giraud, Dwayne Bryshun, Steve Thackray, Tim Lok and Jason Asuncion co-star. Bonus features on the discs will include:

• Interviews
• Diabolik DVD tour
• Lunchmeat VHS interview
• Q&A

See our BLOODY KNUCKLES review here and visit the flick’s Facebook page.







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