Exclusive: Nicholas Vince, “HELLRAISER’s” Chatterer, talks his directorial debut


Actor/author Nicholas Vince, who was the Chatterer Cenobite in the first two HELLRAISER films and encored for Clive Barker as NIGHTBREED’s Kinski, is about to embark on his first project as a film director, and tells us about it after the jump.

VINCEDIRECTORIALDEBUTNEWS“Just over a year ago,” Vince tells us, “Mike Clarke sent me a link to his short film A HAND TO PLAY, which stars Doug Bradley. I really enjoyed it and we got to talking, discovering we both like horror anthologies but were dissatisfied with V/H/S and THE ABCs OF DEATH, as they didn’t really engage us emotionally. We both like [the classic British omnibus feature] DEAD OF NIGHT, where the characters in the stories are also in the wraparound, so there’s a underlying sense of dread.”

Vince, who has written for Marvel’s HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED comics and penned a pair of short-fiction collections, WHAT MONSTERS DO and OTHER PEOPLE’S DARKNESS, continues, “I’ve adapted one of my short stories and will be directing that one, as well as acting in the wraparound. Screenwriting and directing is all new to me, so I’ve been studying books, taking courses and seeking advice from the Soska Sisters. At the moment, I’m working on the storyboards and shot list—which, as I can’t draw, means photographing Playmobil characters in a shoebox using my iPhone and the Shot Designer app. The current plan is to film in March 2015.

“Hopefully, there will be more movies,” he adds. “If this takes one takes off, we want to make sequels—proper sequels. Ones which follow a story arc, which we’ll have finished before the first one is released.” Read more from Vince in Fango #339, on sale in January.

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