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Originally posted on 2010-09-15 18:17:29 by Tony Timpone

Those busy B-movie meisters at Connecticut’s Synthetic Cinema International, makers of PREDATOR ISLAND, ASSAULT OF THE SASQUATCH (due October 19 on DVD) and WEREWOLF: THE DEVIL’S HOUND, are wrapping up postproduction on their latest effort, a comedic sci-fi horror flick called OPPONENT. Producer Andrew Gernhard shared with Fango the locally produced movie’s first poster art. See below the jump.

Director Colin Theys, who previously helmed Synthetic’s BANSHEE!!!, gave Fango the skinny on OPPONENT’s wacky plot: “An alien ship crashes into a junkyard, and its hillbilly owners decide to offer a cash prize for exterminating their new pest,” he says. “OPPONENT is the story of who shows up and the insanity that ensues when they take on their extraterrestrial visitor and each other.”

Regarding the status of the film, “OPPONENT has turned out better than any of us hoped,” Theys says. “It’s easily our best movie yet and a really wild ride. I can’t wait to get the finished product in front of an audience. We’ve been getting really positive feedback on the clips we’ve shown so far.”

“We don’t have a trailer yet, because we are still burning away at the final edit of the film,” adds Gernhard. “So many effects for an indie production! We want to make sure the trailer, of course, gets OPPONENT’s best-of-the-best shots and sequences. However, the movie will have its first public screening during the Silk City Flick Fest in Connecticut, October 7-10. It’s not a premiere but an out-of-competition/preview screening of the movie. That night the audience will not be viewing the final-final version, but pretty darn close.” 

Written by BANSHEE!!!’s John Doolan, OPPONENT stars THEY LIVE’s Roddy Piper (pictured) and Syfy movie regular Jeremy London (BA’AL, BASILISK: THE SERPENT KING, THE TERMINATORS, WOLVESBAYNE, etc.). Synthetic Cinema has it’s own YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/syntheticcinema), where the company’s “newest/latest” videos on the browser’s right side feature a bunch of ASSAULT OF THE SASQUATCH teaser spots recently shot for Syfy sister station Chiller. 

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