Exclusive photo: Brooke Hogan bloodied in “L.A. SLASHER”


Can the Hulkster’s daughter and real-life reality-show star survive a maniac who targets celebrities of her ilk? Things don’t look good for her in an exclusive pic we scored from L.A. SLASHER, which recently completed postproduction.

Written and directed by Martin Owen and produced by Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Sollinger (who previous screen murderamas include THE ALPHABET KILLER and GIRLS AGAINST BOYS), L.A. SLASHER is a combination horror film and satire of the famous-for-being-famous culture of Hollywood. “Celebrity seems to have become a race to see who can push the boundaries of degrading themselves the most and spin it into profit,” Wright says. “It seems if you achieve infamy on-line, regardless of the moral and ethical boundaries crossed, you will be rewarded with a reality TV show, endorsements and branding. Actions that were once considered shameful are now celebrated and rewarded. The L.A. Slasher is here to end that.”


“Hopefully we’ll tap into the zeitgeist of tabloid pop culture with L.A. SLASHER,” says Owen. “It was my intent to do so, in a fun, super-stylized, neon-lit, hyperkinetic kind of way, with a character I think people will respond to and really, really like. I had a great time making this film, and I think that audiences, particularly those who find America’s cultural obsession with faux celebrity as ridiculous as I do, will have a great time watching it.”

The cast also includes Danny Trejo, Mischa Barton, Dave Bautista, Eric Roberts, Drake Bell, Tori Black and the voice of Andy Dick. We’ll let you know when this new psycho will be slashing up the screen.

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