Exclusive photo/info: “FIEND WITHOUT A FACE” sequel


There’s been talk of reviving the flying, rapacious brain creatures of the 1958 cult favorite FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (pictured above) for some time now, and a new film took another step toward realization with the shooting of a trailer this past summer. We’ve got an exclusive pic and comments on the project.

The brains behind the new FIEND is Roy Frumkes of DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD and STREET TRASH, who tells us, “It’s a sequel, which is in keeping with the wishes of Richard Gordon, the producer of the original FIEND back in ’58. You Fango fiends will have to tell me if there’s ever been a horror sequel done 55 years after the original, or will we set the record?”


The photo above is from a fund-raising trailer Frumkes shot for his FIEND flick with director Franco Frassetti. “The lovely creature you’re looking at is Ursula Anderman,” Frumkes says, “and the fiend, still invisible in this scene, is leaping off her back and going for another victim. Speaking of victims, we had some marauding fiends picking off our cast and crew. We shot up at Nicole Potter’s 100-acre farm outside of Poughkeepsie—Nicole, you might recall, played the ‘winette’ in STREET TRASH, and we’ve been friends ever since—and we had access to deep woods, ponds, fallen trees, marshlands…and ticks!

“Miss Anderman played her role practically nude for the entire day, but she emerged tick-free—whereas one of our other actors, our director and yours truly came down with ferocious cases of Lyme disease. Where’s the justice in that? After a month on serious antibiotics, I’m back in action, and hoping to get the film off the ground sometime next year.” Keep your eyes here for more FIEND news as it comes in!

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