Exclusive photos, Bill Moseley comments: “AMERICAN EXORCIST”


When the city of Philadelphia is invaded by the supernatural, only an AMERICAN EXORCIST can put things right. Fango spoke to horror star Bill Moseley about his role in the upcoming feature, and we’ve got a bunch of exclusive pics as well.

The second feature by Tony Trov and Johnny Zito following the sorority-house frightfest ALPHA GIRLS, AMERICAN EXORCIST stars Falon Joslyn as Georgette DuBois, a paranormal investigator who enters a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve and becomes trapped and terrorized by evil forces dwelling there. Moseley does not have the title role (“I didn’t actually meet the American Exorcist”), but rather appears as a character named Mr. Snowfeather. “I can’t divulge too much,” he tells us, “but Mr. Snowfeather seems to be the maintenance man in the building where our heroine goes to do some ghostbusting. Mr. Snowfeather is the guy with the keys who can open up the doors and tell you the history of the building.”

AMERICAN EXORCIST lensed earlier this year in the City of Brotherly Love, entirely in one actual building location, which Moseley says was an advantage for him and the production. “My hotel was about three blocks away, and since it was 5 degrees at night, it was good to have that single location. Tony and Johnny were very happy about that too, because there was no moving and schlepping and having to break stuff down on a daily basis. That helped a lot, helped preserve the budget and gave them fewer headaches.”

Moseley has worked in Philadelphia a few times now, including a turn in Dom Franklin’s THE CHURCH (see our most recent item here); several of that movie’s crew also worked on AMERICAN EXORCIST. “I think, in fact, some of them had recommended me to Tony and Johnny, because I guess I was easy to work with under trying circumstances [laughs]. That’s a very important quality; you have to be patient and flexible when you are working on independent, low-budget features. If you’re demanding blue M&Ms in your trailer, you need not apply!”

AMERICAN EXORCIST can be pre-ordered at its official website, and you can find out more about the movie at its Facebook page, and on Instagram and Twitter, and come back tomorrow for more words with Moseley on his other upcoming projects!









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