Exclusive photos, comments: Dates with death in “WATCH THE PRETTY GIRLS SUFFER”


Sporting an undeniably attention-grabbing title, WATCH THE PRETTY GIRLS SUFFER is a currently shooting web series that draws a bloody line between dating rituals and a serial killer’s human-hunting. Read on for exclusive words with the stars and directors as well as photos from the project.

WATCH THE PRETTY GIRLS suffer is directed by Vito Trabucco and Deborah Venegas, the latter in her filmmaking debut following acting turns in Trabucco’s BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP and NEVER OPEN THE DOOR and the upcoming THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D. Daniel Schweiger, a longtime Fango contributor who has appeared in CAMP as well as Don Coscarelli’s BUBBA HO-TEP and PHANTASM: RAVAGER, plays Allen Gunther, who stalks and murders young women. Sarah Nicklin, from ALICE D, EXHUMED, THE DISCO EXORCIST and others, portrays a psychologist specializing in serial killers who unwittingly accepts Allen’s date request.

“Deb and I are extremely excited about doing a series like this; there’s no way we could get away with this material on regular TV, so the web is the way to go,” Trabucco tells Fango. “Sarah and Daniel are bringing our characters to life beyond my expectations, and this show is certain to entertain on many levels.”




It might surprise some to see a female filmmaker tackling a series with such a misogynistic central character, and Venegas confirms that “I’m already getting criticized for its content. The feminism question mark is looming over my head, but my take on the subject is that I should be able to say whatever I want, whenever I want—as everyone should. What better genre to express your voice in than horror! If people reading the script found it offensive, overtly sexual or too bloody, then I’m sure watching it will make them raise an eyebrow, but Vito and I wrote this to appeal to the genre outsiders, not the mainstream of popularized safe horror. We expect that our fans will be people with a dark sense of humor.”

Nicklin, who’s got a long résumé of dark and sometimes shocking screen vehicles, believes WATCH gets deeper into its characters than your typical run-of-the-mill exploitation fare. “It’s brutal, crude, sometimes funny and takes an analytical and humane look at someone who could be easily written off as a monster,” she asserts. “I like the levels given to Allen, and the exploration of what motivates him and causes him to flip the switch from a normal guy to a mass murderer. I’m also really enjoying playing a woman who is very intelligent and compassionate, and finds ways to understand the mind of our killer like no one else does, while never crossing over to becoming one.

“My role reminds me a bit of Gillian Anderson’s character in THE FALL,” she continues, “which is something I haven’t had a chance to play before, and is a huge departure from stereotypical dumb/ditzy scream-queen parts, which I think cheapen the genre and that I try to avoid. Of course, there’s lots of blood and gore and pretty girls getting killed, as the title suggests, so it absolutely has everything necessary to satisfy horror fans; it just presents these elements in a much more sophisticated package.”



Schweiger previously explored this territory when he played real-life “family annihilator” Neal Jacobson in the debut episode of the ID network’s re-enactment show DIABOLICAL. “As someone who loves both writing about horror films and being in them,” he notes, “the challenge here is to find that unimaginable side of myself and unleash it, and this is going to be a wild ride on that count. I’m particularly thrilled to be playing opposite Sarah Nicklin, who, it turns out, went to my alma matter of Emerson College. There’s a vulnerability to her that makes you wonder if a character who loves killing can bring himself to murder someone he thinks is like-minded, albeit in a far more ‘civilized’ way, which is the suspense that drives the webisodes.

“Vito and Deborah are creating a great combination of the visceral and intellectual sides of extreme horror,” Schweiger continues, “and I’m thrilled to be taking that journey with them for an end result that I’ll doubtlessly find disturbing to watch, as well as to be in.” We’ll keep you informed on when you can WATCH the series yourself; in the meantime, check out its Facebook page.



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