Exclusive photos, comments: new Kane Hodder horror “ALICE D.”


Kane Hodder has played many roles before, but this is the first time we can think of that he’s run a bordello on screen. Read on for info, comments and exclusive pics from his new fright flick ALICE D.

ALICEDEXCPICSNEWS1Actress Sarah Nicklin (2nd photo below with Kaylee Signore) passed on the stills, and tells us that ALICE D. is “about an old Victorian house haunted by the ghost of a young prostitute who worked in a brothel there, run by Kane’s character, in the 1890s. A hundred years later, the new owner fixes up the house and invites over some friends and prostitutes to have a party, which ends up turning into a bloodbath. The cinematography by Eric Latek is absolutely gorgeous; it was shot on the RED in a huge mansion in Barrington, Rhode Island, and it looks absolutely beautiful. And the scares with the ghost are fantastic! Yes, I’m biased, but I’m not just saying that.”

Written and directed by Jessica Sonneborn, who also takes an onscreen role (3rd photo) and produced by Kristina Page, who appears as well (4th photo), and Christopher D. Maltauro, ALICE D. also stars WWE wrestler Al Snow, Josh Hammond, Juan Reidinger (5th photo), Eliza Swenson, Chanel Ryan, Michael Reed (Nicklin’s frequent co-star in movies like THE DISCO EXORCIST and EXHUMED), Julianne Tura, Megan Hensley, Aaron Massey and Barry Ratcliffe. The movie will be ready for the American Film Market this November, and an official trailer is coming soon. Visit ALICE D.’s official website and Facebook page.








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