Exclusive photos, concept art, director comments: “CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO”


Following the troubled second instalment, the CABIN FEVER franchise is back with renewed vigor, as Kaare Andrews’ CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO takes the story to the tropics for an exercise in FX-based extremity. Director Andrews gave us some exclusive words on the film, along with some equally unique photos and production art.

Starring THE LORD OF THE RINGS’ Sean Astin in his first hardcore genre foray, and Mitch Ryan (soon to be seen in Anthony DiBlasi’s MISSIONARY), CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO was scripted by Jake Wade Wall and tells of an idyllic bachelor party that goes horribly wrong. The setting is the Dominican Republic, where an island getaway quickly becomes a nightmare as a mysterious contagion spreads throughout the revelers. Concurrently, a secret research-laboratory boat, within which Patient Zero (Astin) is being contained, collides with a cruise ship, causing all hell to break loose.

CABINFEVERPZEROEXCPICSNEWS1Andrews, an award-winning artist for Marvel Comics, first came to the attention of the horror world via his Lovecraftian debut film ALTITUDE in 2010. He also designed the iconic poster for THE ABCs OF DEATH (which features his wife and baby son as models), and he tells FANGORIA how his passion for the graphic arts influenced the way that he put CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO together.

“My background definitely affects my film work,” Andrews says, “I believe for the better. Some directors hire people to do a lot of the concept work for them, but I don’t work that way. I’m a comic-book artist, I paint, I draw, I sculpt. I love both schools of effects. I have a big visual drive that I work from.”

From the looks of the pics seen here, it looks like CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO (which has yet to confirm a U.S. release date) will be a must-see for gorehounds, as Andrews has truly pushed the envelope in terms of special makeup for this production. The FX team was led by Vincent J. Guastini (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, SUSHI GIRL) and FACE OFF season-one finalist Gage Hubbard, who created the most outlandish and visceral representations of the virus and its aftereffects imaginable. As you can see from these shots, no one held back on the gore. “For anyone who enjoys the art and fantasy of practical makeup effects,” Andrews adds, “they’re really going to enjoy those elements of the film.”



Additionally, PATIENT ZERO’s balance between humor and violence is something Andrews hopes remains true to the roots and original ethos of the franchise, with a number of outlandish setpieces mixed in with the terror. It looks like there’s even an evolved version of the infamous “finger bang misfire” from Eli Roth’s original! Keep an eye out for the full Andrews interview in an upcoming issue of FANGORIA, and we’ll be the first to let you know when the movie’s Stateside debut date is announced. Check out the movie’s UK trailer below the photos.








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