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If there’s any horror subgenre that bids to knock found footage out of the cultural zeitgeist, it appears to be the home-invasion film. THE PURGE raked in big money earlier this summer, with the highly anticipated YOU’RE NEXT looking to shake up the box office in August. Right behind those films is MISCHIEF NIGHT, which will bring the pain just in time for Halloween. We’ve got the lowdown and a few exclusive photos.

Directed by THE MAN FROM EARTH’s Richard Schenkman, who also scripted the film and produced it with Eric D. Wilkinson and WRESTLEMANIAC’s Jesse Baget, MISCHIEF NIGHT follows a young, psychosomatically blind Emily (Noell Coet) who must use her instincts and immediate resources to protect herself and her loved ones from a lethal intruder. Supporting newcomer Coet is a rogue’s gallery of genre-friendly character actors, including the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake’s Erica Leehrson, HATCHET’s Richard Riehle and CUJO’s Daniel Hugh Kelly, along with Ally Walker and Charlie O’Connell.

“Richard Schenkman brought the ‘psychological’ back to psychological thriller with MISCHIEF NIGHT,” says Baget, who also co-wrote the story with Wilkinson. The film aims to bring a twist to the conceptual constrictions that most home-invasion films default toward, injecting a sense of emotion, catharsis and genuine fright to the proceedings in the spirit of such classics as WAIT UNTIL DARK and HALLOWEEN. Furthermore, MISCHIEF NIGHT introduces what the filmmakers hope is “the next iconic character in horror,” The Intruder.

The film is currently scheduled for limited theatrical release by Image Entertainment October 25 before it goes to DVD and VOD in early 2014. For more on the film, including an exclusive interview with Schenkman, keep your eyes on this site, and check out MISCHIEF NIGHT’s Facebook page.




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