Exclusive photos, full schedule: “IN FEAR OF” season two


Filmmakers will never run out of terrors to explore, and a whole bunch of ’em are given screen life via the IN FEAR OF web series, which launches its second season Friday, June 13. Read on for the complete schedule and a bunch of exclusive pics.

Created by Scott W. Perry, IN FEAR OF gives Perry and other directors the opportunity to delve into a different clinical phobia in each episode, with approaches ranging from shocking to surreal to darkly humorous. The series will be available for viewing at Vimeo On Demand on the following schedule:


Friday, June 13: Perry’s “Gerontophobia: Fear of Aging,” a comedic episode in which an aging lothario (Doc Dougherty) agrees to meet a woman he dumped 30 years earlier (Suzi Lorraine) and is stunned to discover she hasn’t aged a bit.


Friday, June 13: Thomas Norman’s “Toxiphobia: Fear of Being Poisoned,” about a devious witch (Manoush) who puts a woman (Kelly Rae LeGault), under a spell that convinces her she is being poisoned by her husband, co-starring Pete Mizzo.


Friday, June 13: Perry’s “Dysmorphobia: Fear of Deformity,” a visually abstract piece focusing on a young woman (Heather Drew) who’s insecure about her looks and not being perfect, and is chased around a dilapidated house by a demon that encourages her to fit in with the world around her. With music by FANGORIA’s Chris Alexander.


Friday, June 27: Jeremiah Kipp’s “Scotomaphobia: Fear of Blindness” (also pictured at top), the story of Emily (Susan Adriensen), whose life spirals out of control as she not only loses her vision, but her soul and everyone around her. Also starring Susan Suhana Adriensen, Bryant Pearson and Edward X. Young.


Friday, July 4: Bradley Creanzo’s “Agraphobia: Fear of Sexual Harassment,” set in 1986 and homaging that decade’s slasher films, as a woman (Genoveva Rossi) is trapped in her office building with a psychotic man (Creanzo) she fired for sexually harassing her.


Friday, July 11: Perry’s “Dementophobia: Fear of Insanity,” another humorous entry in which a B-movie actress (Rachael Robbins) tries to stay sane at a press junket when the same question about her willingness to do nude scenes is asked over and over again. Co-starring Suzi Lorraine (who also produced), Mark O’Neal, Pascal Yen-Pfister and (full disclosure) this writer.


Friday, July 18: Robert L. Brodmerkel’s “Agoraphobia: Fear of Leaving Home,” the mid-season finale starring NIGHTBREED’s Anne Bobby as Emma, an emotionally shell-shocked woman afraid to leave her home as she is questioned by a shady insurance man about her disability in a TWILIGHT ZONE homage. Also featuring Frank Vlastnik and Blaine Pennington, with music by Alexander.

The season picks up again on Friday, September 19 with Debbie Rochon’s ”Glossophobia: Fear of Speaking in Public,” and will continue each week, with the season finale, Stolis Hadjicharalambous’ “Taphaphobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive,” starring Zack Locuson and Jamie White, premiering Halloween night. Other episodes to come include Jon Ecklund’s “Disposophobia: Fear of Being Disposed Of,” written by and starring Bobby; Sean N. Ihne’s “Hydrophobia: Fear of Water,” starring Black Sam Bellamy and Matthew K. Davis; Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi’s “Mnemophobia: Fear of Memories,” starring TracyLynnConnor, Lauren Meley and Celine Bassman; and Perry’s “Autophobia: Fear of Abandonment,” starring Larry Wade Carrell, Mayra Leal and Nick Nicholson.

For more information, see IN FEAR OF’s official website and Facebook page, and check out previous episodes on YouTube.

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