Exclusive photos, plus trailer: A Banner year for serial murder in “PRETTY FINE THINGS”


Weber Pictures, the indie outfit that previously brought us supernaturally oriented features like WITCHES BLOOD and SHERIFF TOM VS. THE ZOMBIES, ventures into the realm of murderous madness with PRETTY FINE THINGS, featuring genre faves Lynn Lowry and Andrew Divoff. We’ve got a bunch of exclusive pics to share after the jump, along with the trailer.

Written and directed by Ryan Scott Weber, PRETTY FINE THINGS recently had its world premiere and will be released later this year. The cast also includes Joe Parascand, Lauren Renahan, Patrick Devaney, Camila Perez, Adam Ginsberg, Emelia Brown, Ralph Cobert and Mary Leigh Maxwell; Michael Anthony Scardillo oversaw the special FX. The synopsis: “Enter the creepy and sick serial-killer world of the Banner family. In the minuscule town of Bernardsville, New Jersey, many girls have turned up missing. As detectives investigate, Walter Banner is renting out his second-home mansion, to lure young college girls into his home to kill them one by one. Due to his father’s failing health, Walter calls on his brothers to come home for the weekend to help out pop, but instead, when they come home, they decide to embark on a killing spree of their own.”

“I really think we have achieved something no other indie filmmaker has before,” Weber tells Fango. “Everyone involved in this film has given 200 percent, and I’m very proud of them. I hope to make everyone uneasy with every scene; Joe Parascand as Walter Banner will scare the crap out of you. Lynn Lowry and Andrew Divoff were amazing to work with, and it brought the film to another level having them on set. I think the audience will really enjoy the ride we take them on.”

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