Exclusive photos/comments: Christina Lindberg’s comeback film “CRY FOR REVENGE”


by: Chris Haberman on: 2013-02-14 15:36:16

Standing among long-forgotten brick kilns once used to
actually bake bricks in rural God’s country, on a cold, damp, schizophrenically
overcast and sunny day, is probably the best way to see the vision walking
confidently toward me. It doesn’t seem at first like Christina Lindberg, or her
character Candy in Todd Fischer’s new film CRY FOR REVENGE. It is Frigga,
a.k.a. Madeleine, the young woman we once ached for and so desperately wanted
to rescue…at least during the majority of 1972’s THEY CALL HER ONE EYE.

From this distance, I can’t see the details of her face—no
laugh lines, or any indication that this grindhouse icon has aged 40 years
since THEY CALL HER ONE EYE (a.k.a. THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE). The trenchcoat,
the bell-bottoms, the shotgun and the swagger are all there, which would be
enough to send the mildest of cult film fans reeling. But it’s the eyepatch
that breaks me out in goosebumps. Speaking of which, what led writer/director
Fischer to direct such a scene?

“I was going through a divorce at the time, and a revenge
movie seemed like a good idea,” Fischer explains. “Instead of sitting around
depressed over the lengthy divorce process, I sunk myself into drive-in cinema
and grindhouse movies, and found the inspiration to write [CRY FOR REVENGE]. I
wanted to not just make a revenge movie, but a Christina Lindberg revenge
movie. I ended up finding a young actress who looks incredibly like young Christina,
and we were in business.”


That “young Christina” lookalike in CRY FOR REVENGE is
Stefanie Vuleta, who plays a younger version of Candy. Though he doesn’t reveal
the plot details of just how Candy comes to be as vicious as she eventually is,
Fischer is happy to discuss what it’s been like working with the legendary
Lindberg. “Well, my favorite story is when she accepted the part,” he says.
“There were two roles offered to her; one was a character who trains Candy to
become the vigilante. I thought that was a fitting ‘passing of the torch’ for
her. The other part was basically an older version of Candy. When she accepted
the latter role, it took several minutes for it to sink in that it meant she
would return to the eyepatch one more time.

“On set, she’s been more critical of herself than I am of
her,” he continues. “She is a perfectionist. I had to keep reminding her that
we were making a grindhouse [movie]; we didn’t have to be perfect. One thing
that most people will never know because of the content of her old movies is
that she is actually an incredible actress. I was literally floored by the
emotional intensity she can bring.”

details are coming soon here and in FANGORIA magazine about CRY—which features
a fight, as seen below, between Candy and over 30 luchadors (!)—and
Lindberg’s return to acting. Stay tuned! You can check out photographer Laura
Skinner’s website here


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