Exclusive photos/comments: new psycho saga “SUSPENSION”


A project first conceived years ago as a slasher tale called SITTER’S NIGHT (from which the promo art above derives) is finally seeing fruition as a reconfigured film called SUSPENSION. Its creators gave Fango the first details and a few exclusive images.

The currently filming SUSPENSION is directed by Jeffery Lando and scripted by Kevin Mosley; the two first teamed on 2004’s superior survival-horror flick SAVAGE ISLAND before Lando went on to the likes of DECOYS 2: ALIEN SEDUCTION, HOUSE OF BONES and THIRST. “SUSPENSION is a project Kevin and I have been wanting to make for over a decade,” Lando tells us. “Just as we worked from THE HILLS HAVE EYES with SAVAGE ISLAND, on SUSPENSION we used HALLOWEEN as a starting point, but the movie has evolved radically and become far more than what it was originally intended.”

“Jeffery and I are really excited to finally get this movie made,” says Mosley, who reveals that 10 years ago, “We pulled the plug when we lost our lead actress the day before we were supposed to go to camera. Then, last November, Jeffery called me when he was in LA and said we were making the movie and that was it. We immediately started back on the script and began forming a game plan on how we were going to do it.

“As we developed the script, it became more than just a slasher film,” he continues. “We changed the title, and I’m really happy with how it has evolved. I love the slasher genre; I grew up with them, and it is important to Jeffery and I to please the fans, especially those who grew up with old-school horror. We are using practical makeup effects, and trust me, they are gory!”

The duo provided the following synopsis for SUSPENSION: “On the anniversary of her father’s killing spree, 17-year-old Emily spends the night at home alone caring for her mute little brother, Jeremy. Little does she know that she is in for a night of unrelenting terror and madness: Her father has escaped from a mental institution and is coming home.”

“We’ve cast our leads very young—no 28-year-olds playing teens in our movie!” Lando says. “Ellen MacNevin plays our lead, Emily, a girl with a dark secret. Courtney Paige Theroux is Theresa, our protagonist’s nemesis; Steven Richmond is Jason, a hunk caught in a love triangle; Taylor Russell is Emily’s best friend; and Rustin Gresiuk plays Jason’s buddy Frank, our rich kid/comic relief. We have some interesting older actors rounding out our cast, like Chilton Crane, Duncan Olleranshaw and Sage Brocklebank, and amazing makeup effects by Dallas Harvey. We’re building heads that we’re going to destroy, bodies to eviscerate; there will be gore galore and blood fountains. But most of all, there is an amazing mystery at the root of the movie that will keep audiences guessing until the final earth-shattering moments.”

Below is a picture of the masked, villainous Tom, a shot from the monitor on set and a couple of bloody pages from Emily’s sketchbook. SUSPENSION has just begun shooting, and we’ll have more to share as the production continues!




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