Exclusive photos/poster/comments: “THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD,” with Debbie Rochon


Fango fave Debbie Rochon will soon be seen in DORCHESTER’S REVENGE: THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD, Tommy Faircloth’s sequel to his 1996 slasher homage CRINOLINE HEAD. You can see her, the film’s killer and others in some exclusive pics past the jump, along with the poster by Sadist Art Designs’ Marc Schoenbach.

Faircloth starts by providing the synopsis: “Paul, one of the two survivors from the first film, now teaches history. A couple of his students come across an old newspaper story telling the story of what happened in 1996 to Paul and his friends at the lake house that Dorchester Stewart—a.k.a. Crinoline Head—lived as a young boy. With a big midterm history assignment on local leaders and legends coming due, the students decide to set out on an adventure and visit the site of the horrible murders that took place there. They end up finding more than what they were looking for.”


Rochon (1st photo below) stars as Betsy, described by Faircloth as “a foul-mouthed, gun-toting, gas-huffing, American-flag-wearing groundskeeper with a big sexual appetite.” Crinoline Head (2nd photo) is portrayed by 6-foot-8-inch ex-wrestler John Kap, previously seen as a menacing biker in the hit RIDE ALONG, while Paul is played by GUT’s Jason Vail (3rd photo). The cast also includes Christian James (4th photo), Kirsten Ray, Gunner Willis, Leah Wiseman, Elizabeth Mears, Nicholas Sweezer, Cameron Turner, Suzie Haines (5th photo) and Shelby Washburn (6th photo), with Andrew Wicklum (7th photo) as the young Dorchester seen in flashbacks; Michael R. Smith and Dismembers Only created the makeup FX and the new Crinoline Head mask.

Having been out of the horror scene for some time since making the original CRINOLINE HEAD and 1999’s GENERATION AX (which he reissued on DVD last year; go here for details), Faircloth decided to step back into the genre with the short film THE CABIN (story here), which has won numerous festival awards, can be seen on Vimeo On Demand http://vimeo.com/ondemand/thecabin and will premiere soon on Shorts.TV. http://www.shorts.tv/ When he chose to return to the Crinoline Head story, “I knew I had a big job ahead of me,” he tells Fango. “Those fans out there who loved the original film really liked the crazy characters and out-of-the-ordinary kill scenes, so I wanted to make sure I kept them happy, while at the same time adding a darker and more polished look to attract a new audience. It still has that classic slasher feel, but Crinoline Head has grown into quite the killer during his almost two-decade hiatus.




“I decided not to call it CRINOLINE HEAD 2,” he continues, “because I didn’t want to alienate the audience out there who has not seen the first film. This film does a good job filling in the audience on Crinoline Head’s backstory. It also has the great flashback scene of when Dorchester was a small kid, to get everyone up to speed on his origins. Hopefully, after seeing this film, people will seek out the original who didn’t see it the first time.”

For Faircloth, working with Rochon was a sometimes hilarious highlight of the production. “Debbie was so amazing and funny,” he says. “I had a hard time not laughing during her takes, and being the camera operator…that is not a good thing. She really inspired the whole cast, especially the new faces we have starring in the film. I can’t wait for people to see her in this role.”

DORCHESTER’S REVENGE will have is premiere August 2 in Charleston, SC, where the bulk of the movie was shot; those interested in attending can find more info at the movie’s Facebook page or the official website of Faircloth’s Horse Creek Productions. The film then begins its festival run in September at the Austin Indie Flix Showcase in Austin, TX and October at the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival in Biloxi, MS.





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