Exclusive Pic: Marcus Nispel’s Rock ‘n’ Roll possession flick, “BACKMASK”


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-15 14:34:57

The director of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003) is bringing the raw, DIY ethics of rock ‘n’ roll to.. an exorcism?

In what’s being called THE EXORCIST meets THE HANGOVER, BACKMASK sees a bunch of party kids tinker with the occult and when one of them gets befallen by a demon, they attempt a D.I.Y. exorcism.

Courtesy of special FX/makeup designer Shaun Smith, Fango has your first look at some of what they’re up against. Nispel tells Fango, “Shaun does not only do special effects makeup on my movies. He is a major creative force and helps in the decision making process on all of the big issues starting with script choices, all the way to final cut. Shaun is part of a select team that I consult with first as he defines, in many ways, the audience that I seek to please.
He has strong ethics, a strong vision and he knows how to make it happen.”

Outside of makeup FX, Smith lovingly calls BACKMASK, “My prediction for the best ensemble performance of the year! If not, I’ll eat a ‘rotten tomato.’ This was a great cast of young people and their fondness for each other really comes through on screen! My effects were just the icing on the cake of this feel good movie. It’s always enjoyable to work with Marcus.”

You can see what Smith made happen below. BACKMASK stars AVATAR’s Stephen Lang, TEEN WOLF’s Gage Golightly and more.


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