Exclusive Pics; Announcement: Andrey Iskanov’s “VISIONS OF SUFFERING” Redux


Fans of international horror are likely familiar with Russian genre filmmaker Andrey Iskanov, whose penchant for visceral and extreme fright fare has captured the attention of filmmakers around the world. Iskanov’s reputation has even earned him a spot in the perpetually-delayed PROFANE EXHIBIT anthology, which aimed to gather explicit filmmakers to push the boundaries of the genre. And while Iskanov’s segment still remains to be seen, the first news regarding Iskanov’s next has finally been heard, as Last Exit Entertainment has given FANGORIA the exclusive first look at his redux version of his 2006 film VISIONS OF SUFFERING.

Unhappy with the initial cut of the film, Iskanov has reshot over 60 % of the film with new footage, featuring a brand new soundtrack and even a new remastered aspect ratio. Reconstructed with new actors, new music, new effects and new storylines, Iskanov brings it back to life with the intention of grasping the texture and atmosphere of another world, to catch a piece of this ever-elusive mysterious realm and present it to the viewer.


“Given this opportunity to go back and re-create the intended atmosphere of the originally envisioned nightmare was something I had to do,” said Iskanov. “I personally feel that this re-imagining of VISIONS OF SUFFERING make it a scarier, darker, colder and above all, a much more disturbing film that it was previously!”

Last Exit Entertainment, who released Iskanov’s debut feature NAILS in a re-mastered/color corrected edition last year, will be releasing VISIONS OF SUFFERING – FINAL DIRECTORS CUT exclusively during 2015. It will be available through www.lastexitentertainment.com. You can check out the trailer for the project below.

“Visions of Suffering – Final Directors Cut” Teaser from LastExitEntertainment on Vimeo.

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