Exclusive pics, comments: Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder in “HOLLISTON”


As HATCHET III heads for release this Friday, stars Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder reunite with Adam Green for the “Halloween Girl” episode of HOLLISTON, Green and Joe Lynch’s FEARNet comedy series in which the two filmmakers play variations on themselves. Read on for words with both stars and a few exclusive photos from the show.

“Halloween Girl,” premiering tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. ET, features Harris as herself, traveling to Holliston to appear in Adam and Joe’s short film SHINPADS. Adam falls for Harris, but unfortunately, she proves to have a very unfriendly agenda. “Thank God that everyone who watches HOLLISTON has already met me and knows me from the conventions,” Harris tells Fango, “because if they didn’t and they see the way I am on HOLLISTON this year, they would maybe not be fans of mine anymore. It’s some pretty insane shit, and it was nice to do comedy for once. There’s a scene between Kane and I that’s…let’s just say you’ll never forget it.”


Hodder seconds that opinion: “There’s one scene involving Adam, Danielle and myself that fans are gonna shit themselves over,” he says. “People are just gonna scream at what they’re seeing.” The erstwhile Victor Crowley, a HOLLISTON veteran, adds that this season, “I’m still playing myself, but in a completely different light than the fans have ever seen me. I can say the same thing about Danielle. It’s very funny, and there are some great references. I was absolutely laughing my ass off watching the episodes at [Green’s] ArieScope Pictures; they’re f**king hilarious, they really are.


“The show is so good this season,” he continues. “Adam and Joe are terrific as themselves now, the girls are always good and the writing and pacing are better. Adam has become much more confident in front of the camera. He’s always been a tremendous writer and director, and now he’s becoming a really skilled performer at the same time. He’s gonna be taking everybody’s job soon. If he starts killing people on film, I am not gonna be happy! Joe Lynch is fantastic too, and really fun. Everybody talks about the scene between Joe and I at the horror convention last season, and there are some very similar moments to that in the second season.”

Hodder has become a regular part of Green’s onscreen company, so is there any chance we’ll see him in a Lynch-directed feature in the future? “I would like to. I’ve always wanted to work with Joe as a director. It would be fun, because I’ve already killed him in HATCHET II, so I might as well work on something with him behind the camera.”


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