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If you think you’ve got girl problems, consider the predicament of the protagonist in ZOMBIE EXS, an independent horror/comedy coming to DVD later this year. We’ve got those exclusive details, photos and words with filmmaker George Smith.

Bloody Earth Films gave Fango the scoop that it will release ZOMBIE EXS on disc September 10, with a retail price of $19.98. “The movie’s about a poor soul named Zach [Alex Hammel-Shaver],” Smith tells us, “who has all these ex-girlfriends who can’t live without him—and they all come back from the dead to be his girlfriend yet again.” This transpires after Zach goes on a dating show that his friend Dan (Scott Keebler) has rigged to be populated by those former squeezes. The program is sponsored by a water company whose latest trendy drink turns those who imbibe it into the undead—and as the pics below reveal, it winds up infecting people of both genders. The cast also includes Madison Hart, Kendall Valerio, Brandy Bryant and Gabrielle Martinez; on the DVD (for which cover art is coming soon), the 1.85:1 transfer will be supplemented by:

• Audio commentary by the cast

• Audio commentary by Smith and producer Paul J. Manoogian

• “Mohawk Rob Femme FX” featurette

• “Cast Confessions” featurette

• Behind-the-scenes photo montage

• ZOMBIE EXS trailer

• Bloody Earth Films trailer vault

Smith scripted ZOMBIE EXS with Jean Cohen, and says, “We’re big fans of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND, but ZOMBIE EXS wasn’t written based on that. I’ve kind of lived the story, and had a lot of ex-girlfriends who were really crazy. We tried to sell the screenplay to Hollywood, so to speak, and right away they were talking about changing the ending or changing the beginning, and we were like, ‘We’re not about that,’ you know? We felt we’d rather make no money and do it ourselves than give it away and have someone rewrite it into something else. I’ve been friends with Paul Manoogian, who was also the director of photography, all my life, and we got some production people together and started very small, and we actually got pretty big.

“I’m a musician by trade, and this was my first jump into motion pictures,” he adds, noting that while filmmaking wasn’t a long-held ambition, “now I love it. [Making ZOMBIE EXS] was insane; I needed a long vacation when it was all over, but it was fun, and we had a good time.”




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