Exclusive pics, details: “HERE COMES THE DEVIL” creator et al. open “WHITE COFFIN”


Adrián García Bogliano, director of HERE COMES THE DEVIL, LATE PHASES and others, got in touch with info on a new film he’s involved with called WHITE COFFIN, and shared a few exclusive photos.

WHITE COFFIN, which we first reported on here, is a horror/road movie described as DUEL meets THE WICKER MAN and scripted by Adrián and his brother Ramiro García Bogliano, who previously collaborated on PENUMBRA and the screenplays for Adrián’s COLD SWEAT and ROOMS FOR TOURISTS. It’s the fifth feature directed by Argentinian filmmaker Daniel de la Vega (3rd photo below), whose prior movies include CHRONICLE OF THE RAVEN, DEATH KNOWS YOUR NAME and NECROPHOBIA 3D, and stars familiar faces from Argentina’s film and TV scene including Julieta Cardinali (1st and 2nd photos), Rafael Ferro, Eleonora Wexler (2nd photo, right) and Damián Dreizik. The synopsis: “Virginia will do the impossible in order to rescue her little daughter who has been abducted. After a terrible accident, she has the chance to live one more day to save her daughter’s life. On her path, she will find out that there are worse things than death.”

WHITE COFFIN, produced by Néstor Sánchez Sotelo, is set to premiere in 2016; we’ll bring you more news as we receive it!




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