Exclusive pics, director comments: Bill Moseley-starrer “THE CHURCH”


Horror mainstay Bill Moseley takes a rare non-villainous role in THE CHURCH, a fright flick that recently wrapped shooting in Philadelphia. Fango got some exclusive pics from the movie and words with its creator.

Written and directed by Dom Frank, THE CHURCH features a number of other genre names, including THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE’s Ashley C. Williams, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 and 5’s Lisa Wilcox and EVILSPEAK’s Clint Howard, along with Keith Stallworth, Matthew Nadu, former WWE wrestler Vito LoGrasso, Kenneth McGegor and Michelle Romano. Frank tells Fango that the storyline concerns “a developer who has an agreement to buy all the homes on a block, because he wants to put up a big apartment tower, except for the church, and the pastor [Moseley] doesn’t want to sell. So the pastor’s wife rigs the vote, in cahoots with the developer. When the development team and the church board members meet to finalize the deal, the church comes alive and everything goes haywire.” Wilcox is the head of the church board, Williams plays the developer’s assistant and Howard is “the spirit of the church,” Frank relates. “He’s not there physically, but his image is seen throughout the film.


“I’m a big fan of horror, past and present,” the filmmaker continues, “so I was trying to assemble a cast that represented that, and put everyone together as kind of a Who’s Who of horror. And by the grace of God, it came together. I just reached out and everyone I wanted said yes, so I’m blessed.”

Not all of THE CHURCH’s casting is against type, Frank notes. “Lisa’s always getting chased around, so for her, this is normal,” he laughs. “But Bill is always in makeup, or attacking people with a chainsaw, or whatever. Bill and I were laughing; he said, ‘This is the only movie I’ve done where I didn’t kill anyone.’ It’s still a horror film, and he still brings that presence that will appeal to the fans, but it’s different from what people expect from Bill Moseley, and that was my goal: to so something different.”

Getting the money together for THE CHURCH and finding a house of worship to serve as the prime location, as Frank tells it, was as easy as landing his actors. “I was blessed with investors who were great friends and believed in me. As soon as they heard the idea, it was like, ‘OK.’ We shot at the First Corinthians Baptist Church, and the people there were awesome. They knew what we were trying to do; the movie has a good story to it, and they liked it and allowed me to do it.”



THE CHURCH is Frank’s second horror feature; his first, APNEA, is a couple of months away from completion. LoGrasso also appears in this movie, which was shot in Maryland. “The plot concerns six patients sent to a research center for an overnight study of sleep disorders,” he explains. “There’s a bad storm and all the doctors leave, and the main character wakes up and finds the lights are off and the doors are locked. She doesn’t know what’s going on, and then the person in the room next to her breaks a door down, they search the sleep center and they discover that the doctors are harvesting organs. So from there, it gets crazy.”

Despite their profession not being shown in the most positive light in APNEA, “My investors were sleep doctors,” Frank laughs, “and we shot at an actual sleep center. We had the location at our disposal.” Not only that, Frank says, but “actually, APNEA was their idea! They said, ‘Hey, you should do a movie about sleep disorders.’ So I wrote it, they liked the script and we shot it last August.”

Fortune has clearly smiled on Frank so far, and he plans to continue exploring the scary side in future films. “I’ve been a writer since I was a kid, and I like to use my imagination,” he says. “When you do drama or comedy, it has to be real, but with horror films, you can have action outside the box. You can be creative and just let your imagination run wild; basically, the world is yours. You can do whatever you want.” Find out more about THE CHURCH at its Facebook page, and keep your eyes here for comments from Moseley about the movie.

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