Exclusive pics, new trailer: love-after-death flick “CLINGER”


With the indie horror/comedy CLINGER, in which love never dies even after one of the lovers does, currently in postproduction, we have some exclusive new photos to share, plus the trailer and word that a genre-veteran composer has come aboard the project.

Co-producer Mel House gave us the news that Misha Segal, whose scoring credits span from such ’80s flicks as NINJA III: THE DOMINATION and Robert Englund’s THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to the upcoming HUMAN CENTIPEDE III, will be making music for CLINGER (which we previously reported on here). “Misha’s extensive credit list speaks for itself,” House tells Fango, “and I’m thrilled that we have someone with his experience joining our team. Misha’s work has spanned several genres, and that’s a perfect fit for CLINGER, since our film does the same. However, to be perfectly honest, I was sold the minute I saw Misha scored the Englund PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.”

Michael Steves, who directed the movie and scripted it with producer/editor Bubba Fish and cinematographer Gabi Chennisi, tells us, “I first heard Misha’s music in PHANTOM, a fantastic cult classic, and in the powerful Israeli drama FOR MY FATHER. I was delighted that he reached out to our microbudget production. Misha’s scores elevate the films he works on in every way, bringing a soulful, vibrant and dark tone to the screen. And I can’t wait to hear his score for HUMAN CENTIPEDE III! I’ll be able to hear it well, since I’ll be keeping my eyes closed for most of that movie.”

The Houston-shot film focuses on Fern (Jennifer Laporte), a high-school girl whose clingy boyfriend Robert (Vincent Martella, who played the ill-fated Patrick on THE WALKING DEAD) dies in an embarrassing accident. When he comes back as a lovesick ghost but she rebuffs his affections, he attempts to bump her off by various means—including a teddy bear come to life—to that they can be together in the realm of the dead. Julia Aks, Alica Monel Caldwell, Jeffrey Bean and scream veterans Debbie Rochon and Lisa Wilcox co-star, with practical FX by Phil Nichols. CLINGER is scheduled for completion this summer, after which it will start playing festivals; see its Facebook page here.




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