Exclusive pics, plus trailer and release info: “90210 SHARK ATTACK”!

There are a lot of sharks terrorizing the low-budget screen scene these days, but it’s doubtful you’ve seen one quite like the creature featured in 90210 SHARK ATTACK, coming next February. We’ve got some exclusive images and more content after the jump.

90210SHARKATTACKNEWS1The latest from busy B-meister David DeCoteau, 90210 SHARK ATTACK features a few veterans of the subgenre, including JAWS 2’s Donna Wilkes, SHARKNADO’s Jeffrey Decker and SHARK PROOF’s Rachel Rosenstein, plus Judson “Fabio” Birza, Braden Bacha, Stephanie Shemanski and Nikki Breanne Wells. Rapid Heart Pictures releases the movie on DVD February 3, 2015. The synopsis: “A group of entitled Beverly Hills oceanography students arrive at a mansion in Malibu, to study the local ocean waters. However, someone…or something has other, more murderous intent, as the students begin to disappear, one by one, murdered by some flesh-shredding entity, leaving wounds similar in nature to a shark attack. But how is that possible, when the nearest ocean is a half-mile away?”

DeCoteau tells Fango, “I have always wanted to make a shark movie, ever since seeing JAWS on opening weekend in 1975 in Portland, Oregon. Recently, there have been soooo many shark movies, so I wanted mine to be a totally unique concept, which I think I’ve achieved with 90210 SHARK ATTACK. This movie is far bloodier than most of the similar recent films, so I’m sure Fango readers will devour it. Did I mention I have a lot of hot chicks in it too? I reunited with Donna Wilkes after 30 years to make this movie; we worked together on ANGEL in 1983!”

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