Exclusive pics, plus trailer: Mark Pirro’s evil-teen thriller “RAGE OF INNOCENCE”

The filmmaker who first made his name with the Super-8 cult horror/comedies A POLISH VAMPIRE IN BURBANK, CURSE OF THE QUEERWOLF and NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD is now going for straight psychological chills with RAGE OF INNOCENCE. Read on for the details and some exclusive photos.

Currently shooting for writer/director Mark Pirro, RAGE OF INNOCENCE stars his frequent collaborator John McCafferty as Vincent Marsden, a high-school teacher who begins a relationship with fellow teacher Louise Sutton (Tammy Klein). That earns him the enmity of Louise’s disturbed daughter Raven (Stef Dawson), who begins a campaign of lies and manipulation against him that ultimately becomes deadly. The cast also includes Chelsea Cook, Keeshan Giles, Douglas MacPherson, Bill Devlin, Dani Leon and Hank Grover. Check out a teaser trailer below the pics, and learn more at the Pirromount Pictures official website and RAGE’s Facebook page.






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