Exclusive pics: serial killer stalks “THE FETISH SET”


Spank you very much: The latest independent shocker to emerge from the wilds of Texas is THE FETISH SET, currently shooting in San Antonio. We got a bunch of exclusive photos and info on the project.

FETISHSETEXCPICSNEWS1Written and directed by Shane Wheeler, THE FETISH SET follows four women who get together for a kinky convention in South Texas seeking thrills and easy money, but instead wind up the targets of a serial killer. According to the filmmakers, “The project has been in development for almost three years, and is the first episode in a trilogy. The film explores the underground fetish scene and the secret lives of the women who make a living selling kink, and juxtaposes carnal sexuality with scenes of brutal violence and gore. It stars horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. [RESOLUTION, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS. ZOMBIES; pictured right with FX artist Lawrence Mercado] as Jack, the wicked and sadistic killer chasing after the girls; Glenda Galeano [1st photo below] as Reyna, a tough lesbian felon and opportunistic fetishist; Sarah Nicklin [NUN OF THAT, THE DISCO EXORCIST; 2nd and 3rd photos below] as her former lover Jo, a bisexual wild child and recovered addict; Tomiko [4th photo below] as Mai, a doting mother trying to escape her boring life; and Julia McAlee [5th photo below] as Angel, a naive and dimwitted newbie to the fetish scene.”

THE FETISH SET is being targeted for a 2014 release; you can find out more at the movie’s Facebook page.








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