Exclusive pics/comments: horror short “THE CABIN”


We told you a little while back that indie horror filmmaker Tommy Faircloth is issuing his late-’90s/early-’00s slasher satires CRINOLINE HEAD and GENERATION AX on DVD; now we’ve got a few comments and exclusive photos from his new short THE CABIN, along with words on his future features.

Faircloth is currently in the midst of shooting THE CABIN in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. “It’s about Laura, a girl who, after only a few dates, agrees to go away for the weekend with a guy named John to his mountain cabin. Her best friend warns her that it’s too soon to go away with a guy she met on the Internet, but Laura tries to look past that and sees the weekend as a way to get to know John even better. Once they arrive at the cabin, and the more she learns about John, strange things begin to happen: Laura keeps having premonitions and dreams about the crawlspace under the house. Is it all in her head, from what her friends have said, or is it real? Does she want someone in her life so badly that she is willing to overlook what she’s feeling, or is there something else trying to warn her about secrets buried under the cabin?” The cast includes Jason Vail, recently seen in GUT, Morgan Monnig and Shelby Washburn (pictured below, left to right); the FX (progressive photos below) are created by Michael R. Smith of Dismembers Only.


“After seeing so many stories in the news about Internet connections gone wrong—from people having their life savings stolen to guys having multiple wives, people being catfished, kidnapped or even murdered—I thought it would be interesting to do a horror short about the subject,” Faircloth continues. “I think almost everyone has met a friend or in some cases a spouse on-line, and this was something I wanted to explore. It’s something everyone can identify with. And with all these stories out there, you almost always have these doubts in your mind about someone you meet on-line before you meet them in person. In this case, Laura is not sure if John is actually a bad person. You can’t trust anyone.”



Faircloth decided to tackle THE CABIN because “I wanted to do a short to get my name back out there, along with the DVD releases of CRINOLINE and AX. I plan to enter it in horror film festivals around the world, and hopefully will get some good response. I hope to use that as a launching pad for a campaign to raise the funds to shoot a new feature called FAMILY POSSESSIONS, as well as CRINOLINE HEAD 2.  There’s a lot of backstory regarding the creation of the original movie’s Dorchester character, and I’ve wanted to show that in either a sequel or prequel. I can accomplish this with flashbacks to his childhood at the cabin with his mother and her death, so this is something I’m really excited about.  I even shot a teaser for CRINOLINE HEAD 2 that looks great, and has gotten people excited about the possibility of the sequel.” You can watch that teaser below, and see the official website of Faircloth’s Horse Creek Productions here.

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