Exclusive pics/details: Second season of “IN FEAR OF”


There are so many things to be afraid of that they can’t be dealt with in just one season of an on-line series, so another round of IN FEAR OF episodes is on the way, and we’ve got exclusive comments and photos from it.

Creator Scott W. Perry tells Fango, “After the success of the first season, we’re moving forward with a bigger slate of movies with more talented filmmakers to come. Ten episodes are confirmed, and we hope to fill the season with 12 in total.”

The first batch of IN FEAR OF entries, currently visible on YouTube, range from “Monophobia: Fear of Being Alone” to “Achluophobia: Fear of the Dark.” Pictured here are Jeremiah Kipp’s “Scotomaphobia: Fear of Blindness” (pictured in the first four photos below) and Perry’s own “Gerontophobia: Fear of Aging.” “Scotomaphobia,” Perry tells us, “stars Susan Adriensen as Emily, a woman whose downward spiral of addiction in her life coincides with her increasing loss of vision.”

Kipp elaborates: “Our main character is going blind, so imagine an episode of MR. MAGOO where our blurry-eyed protagonist is bumping lines of coke, having shrieking booze-fueled confrontations, putting herself in bleak sexual situations and having a long, dark night of the soul that resembles the grisliest freakout exorcism you’ve ever seen.  I’d loved working with Susan Adriensen as assistant director on Alan Rowe Kelly’s THE BLOOD SHED, where she played an inbred hillbilly version of Daisy Duke. I knew she would be brave and willing to play a role that spirals into a deep, dark place. On set, she was like a tornado—or an exploding hand grenade. I hope viewers are as terrified by her assault on the senses as we were.” Bryant Pearson, Bradley Creanzo, Shane B. Kulman and Genoveva Rossi co-star.





“Gerontophobia” (pictured at top and below) is a horror/comedy short starring Suzi Lorraine, returning from the first season’s “Thanatophobia: Fear of Death.” “She plays Annabelle, a woman who has found the fountain of youth in a most peculiar way,” Perry says. “Additional filming gets underway for that one in May. In addition, filming this month are ‘Toxiphobia: Fear of Being Poisoned,’ directed by indie director Thomas Norman of the cult short GITCHY and starring Manoush from THE SUPER and Kelly Rae LeGault, star of season one’s ‘Apehephobia: Fear of Being Touched,’ and ‘Wiccaphobia: Fear of Witches,’ directed by Guillermo Balleira and shot by Dominick Sivilli, who will be directing an episode as well.” In addition, “Monophobia” star Debbie Rochon will also be back for a season two segment to be announced. Stay tuned for further details.



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