Exclusive pics/info: “BABYSITTER MASSACRE” and “I HEART U” on DVD/digital


Murder and mania are on the menu for a pair of grassroots genre features coming this fall/winter from Independent Entertainment. Read on for the scoop on the releases, plus a few exclusive photos.

The distributor gave us the first word that it will release Henrique Couto’s BABYSITTER MASSACRE on DVD and digital platforms October 15, and Billy Garberina’s I HEART U, produced by and starring Raine Brown, January 21, 2014. MASSACRE is a homage to the blood-and-nudity-filled slasher pictures of the ’80s, focusing on a group of girls who once witnessed a friend’s abduction by a stranger on Halloween night. Years later, as they’re about to head off to college, they are stalked and slain by a mysterious maniac who may or may not have been the original culprit. Erin R. Ryan, Marylee Osborne and Haley Madison star.

BABYSITTERMASSACREDVDNEWS1“I grew up loving the slasher films of the ’80s for all the obvious reasons,” says the Ohio-based Couto, but also because they were real stories that made you care about the people whose lives were at stake. With BABYSITTER MASSACRE, I didn’t want to simply reference its influences; I wanted it to sit on a shelf next to them by telling a very serious story about friendships, loss and leaving childhood behind.”

Supporting the 16×9 transfer on the MASSACRE DVD will be a full slate of extras:

• Audio commentary

• Behind the scenes

• Delected scenes

• Outtakes and bloopers

• Director’s talk

• World premiere featurette


• BEST PART OF DAYTON short film

• Trailer vault

Retail price is $14.95; see the trailer below the pics.

I HEART U, written by Devin O’Leary, takes a lighter look at serial slaughter, with Brown and Garberina playing Liz and Walter Fletcher, husband-and-wife killers with a complicated relationship. Track back through our previous coverage with exclusive pics here, and stay tuned for further details.




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