Exclusive portrait photo, release date: cannibalistic “LADIES OF THE HOUSE”


THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE are pleased to eat you in a new shocker coming this spring. We’ve got an exclusive portrait of the gorgeous flesheaters to go with the first word on the film’s debut date.

Fango got the scoop that THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE will make its VOD debut via Gravitas Ventures May 1. John Stuart Wildman, a writer and publicist who also has acting credits including David DeCoteau’s SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, made his feature directorial debut on the movie from a script he wrote with Justina Walford. The eponymous ladies are played by (pictured below, left to right) Melodie Sisk, Michelle Sinclair, Farah White and Brina Palencia; White also produced with Wildman, Walford and Adam Dietrich, and Marcus Koch (THE THEATRE BIZARRE, WE ARE STILL HERE) created the makeup FX.


The synopsis: “THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE follows the fate of two brothers, Jacob [Gabriel Horn] and Kai [RJ Hanson], who, along with their friend Derek [Samrat Chakrabarti], go to a dance club to celebrate Kai’s birthday. After Derek convinces the other two to follow one of the dancers home, and then talks their way into the house to party with her, things take a tragic turn resulting in the young woman’s death. However, that is simply the beginning of the nightmare for the young men, because her roommates Getty, Lin and Crystal aren’t just fellow dancers, they are also cannibals with a fierce sense of home and family—and a taste for men. After Kai quickly falls victim to Getty and Lin and is on his way to becoming the centerpiece of that evening’s meal, Derek tries to figure out how to escape while Jacob discovers his survival may hinge on the twisted desire and whims of Crystal, the beautiful and sociopathic ‘baby’ of the family.”

Look for coverage of THE LADIES OF THE HOUSE in Fango #341, on sale in April, and visit the movie’s Facebook page.


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