Exclusive poster: a movie not to watch “ALONE”


The creator of the festival favorite GUT is an executive producer of a new screen chiller called ALONE, which is starting to make its own fest presence known this month. We’ve got the first look at a new poster and some filmmaker comments to share.

ALONE is the directorial debut of Rory Abel, who scripted the movie with Matthew Barnes. The story centers on an agoraphobic man, Jonathan (Michael Jefferson, who also produced with Glenn Abel, Jeff Hultman and Denise Lacen), who has suffered that affliction ever since the car accident in which his wife Jane (GUT’s Sarah Schoofs) was killed. His solitary existence is broken up only by visits by his best friend Taylor (Andrew Ruth), his therapist, Dr. Edmondson (Peter Gregus) and Bree (Emma Dubery), a girl who brings his groceries—until a violent home invasion disrupts his world and threatens his sanity, and he begins to believe an evil presence now haunts his home—but is it real or just in his imagination?

“The idea behind ALONE was to take your typical haunted-house story and find a way to come at it from a fresh angle,” Rory Abel, also an executive producer along with Michael Aransky, tells Fango. “For us, that angle was the main character’s agoraphobia. One of the common problems we found in most stories of this type was that once the characters realize the house is haunted, why don’t they just leave? Our answer is evident from the very first moments of the film. It also adds the extra conflict of how much it will take before the house becomes more frightening to him than the world outside.”

Confining the action to a solitary location allowed the low-budget production to contain the shoot to one Brooklyn brownstone. “We used every single space inside at some point during filming, including the closets,” Abel recalls. “Also to our benefit was that the place was quite old and atmospheric on its own. It required very little from us to make it truly spooky. The basement in particular seemed to belong to an entirely different, far more frightening, house, and the scenes shot there certainly take full advantage of that.”

ALONE also sports an appearance by Fango fave Debbie Rochon. “We were able to get her to come by the set for a day and give us a fun little cameo as an unhinged evangelical,” Abel says. “It’s a very different side of her that I don’t think we see often in movies. She was a pleasure to work with, always open to suggestions and to trying different approaches to her lines. It was a lot of fun watching her improvise personal insults to hurl at Michael, to keep his reactions fresh and honest during his close-ups.”

You can watch a teaser for ALONE below the poster (created by designer Mike Pappa); look for a new trailer soon as the movie continues its festival tour, following its U.S. premiere earlier this month at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival in Peoria, IL. And head over to ALONE’s official website and Facebook page.


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