Exclusive poster, info: A new mummy walks in “EVIL EXHUMED”


Ahead of Universal’s revival of its bandaged villain, filmmaker David DeCoteau is revisiting the mummy subgenre with EVIL EXHUMED. He tells Fango about it past the jump, and gave us the first look at the poster.

DeCoteau releases EVIL EXHUMED via his Rapid Heart Pictures June 1, 2016 on VOD (platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vimeo and others) and DVD. The story concerns a vengeful young man who uses dark arts to send a recently unearthed mummy on a killing spree, and DeCoteau says, “The first film I produced and directed for Rapid Heart back in 1999 was ANCIENT EVIL: SCREAM OF THE MUMMY. It was such a success that I thought I should make another movie of that type.

“Since EVIL EXHUMED required a more epic look,” he continues, “I decided to shoot it on the spectacular locations of Vancouver Island in Canada. I filmed in some of the same areas as LAKE PLACID, the FOG remake and X-MEN. It’s my biggest movie in years, and I’m very excited by how it turned out. I hired my good luck charm Eric Roberts to play a key role; Eric and I started working together on WOLVES OF WALL STREET in New York City back in 2002. On the set of EVIL EXHUMED, Eric said to me, ‘Hey, boss, this is our 15th movie together!’ I had lost count!” The cast is filled out by Aisling Goodman, James Drew Dean, Caz Odin Darko, Jayden Holman, Samuel Graeme Martin, Steve Harwood and Nicholas Simmons.


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