Exclusive poster: Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman in “OUT OF THE DARK,” plus trailer


The producers of PAN’S LABYRINTH have a new supernatural thriller coming from the wilds of South America and one of the writers of ENEMY opening next month: OUT OF THE DARK. We’ve got an exclusive first look at the poster, and a trailer to show you as well!

Arriving in theaters February 27 from Vertical Entertanment, OUT OF THE DARK was directed by Lluís Quílez Sala from a script by David and Alex Pastor of CARRIERS and ENEMY’s Javier Gullón. The cast is headed by DEXTER’s Julia Stiles, THE STRANGERS’ Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea; here’s the synopsis: “Sarah Harriman [Stiles], her husband Paul [Speedman] and their 6-year old daughter Hannah [Pixie Davies] arrive in Colombia eager and excited to start a new life, as Sarah prepares to take over management of the family’s paper mill from her father, Jordan [Rea]. Settling into a sprawling old mansion, the Harrimans are fascinated to learn about the village’s ancestral lore and traditions, including the tale of the Niños Santos, a group of children martyred by the Conquistadors centuries ago. Even today, the ghosts of the murdered innocents are blamed for any unexplained mischief in the town.

“The imaginative Hannah begins to explore her new home, wandering into the jungle in pursuit of playmates no else can see. The child’s behavior continues to grow stranger until she falls inexplicably ill. As her parents struggle to find medical care in the remote town, the house is visited by a series of mysterious apparitions and suddenly Hannah vanishes. Sarah and Paul’s frantic search for their lost daughter plunges them into a shadowy supernatural world where they discover the shocking family secret that is at the heart Hannah’s disappearance. To save their daughter, they will have to find a way to make amends for the sins of the past.” See the movie’s Spanish trailer (with English-language dialogue) below the poster.


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