Exclusive poster/info: experience Austrian “ANGST” in theaters and on disc!


Notorious, influential but hard to see in the States, Gerald Kargl’s 1983 study of psychopathology is finally hitting U.S. big screens and home formats this year. We’ve got exclusive info and a first look at the poster.

Based on the real-life case of German serial killer Werner Kniesek, ANGST (a.k.a. FEAR and SCHIZOPHRENIA) stars Erwin Leder as a madman who is released from prison and, as we hear his extremely troubled thoughts on the soundtrack, breaks into an unoccupied house—bad news for the owners when they return home. The film has been celebrated for its camerawork (by Zbigniew Rybczynski, who would go on to win a Best Animated Short Film Oscar) and score by Tangerine Dream member Klaus Schulze, and acclaimed filmmaker Gaspar Noé has oft-cited it as a key inspiration.

Cult Epics is releasing the uncut, uncensored ANGST, which will have its first U.S. booking June 10 at Los Angeles’ Cinefamily, with Rybczynski making a rare personal appearance! It will then play theaters and festivals across North America through the fall (full lineup coming soon) before arriving on DVD and Blu-ray August 18. Featuring an optically restored murder scene and the option to play the movie with or without its prologue, the discs will include audio commentaries, interviews with Kargl (conducted by NEKROMANTIK creator Jörg Buttgereit) and Leder and more bonus features. Stay tuned for further details, and see our thoughts on ANGST here.


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