Exclusive poster/pics, new teaser, fest premiere: “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD”


The circus is coming to town and bloodshed will follow in CIRCUS OF THE DEAD. The first peek takes place in Hollywood this weekend, and we’ve got an exclusive poster and a few stills to share, plus the latest teaser trailer.

Directed by Billy Pon from a script he wrote with Lee Ankrum, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD stars the ubiquitous Bill Oberst Jr., Parris Randall, Chanel Ryan (seen in the pics below), Roger Edwards, Brad Potts, Ryan Clapp, Rusty Edwards and Mike Williams, with makeup FX by Marcus Koch and Matthew Ash. The synopsis goes like this: “Family man Don’s visit to an old, rundown big top circus and chance encounter with a nihilistic group of clowns leaves him fighting for his life and the lives of those he loves. As Don becomes drawn deeper into lead clown Papa Corn’s games, he comes closer to the edge of reason and sanity. Armed with guns, knives and a ’68 Camaro, the clowns lead Don on an all-night crime spree through oil-soaked West Texas. Papa Corn’s wild ride brings blood, gore and mayhem to all he encounters.”

Pon will provide a few minutes of advance footage from CIRCUS OF THE DEAD at Hollywood’s Shockfest Film Festival, which takes place this Friday-Saturday, January 11-12. It will then be the opening movie on Saturday and Sunday at Texas Frightmare Weekend, running May 2-4 in Dallas. Run away to the CIRCUS at its Facebook page.





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