Exclusive preview clip, photos: Brad Dourif and the evil experiment of “MALIGNANT”


DARK REMAINS writer/director Brian Avenet-Bradley and THE WOMAN producer Andrew van den Houten have a MALIGNANT new film beginning its festival tour, and we’ve got an exclusive video teaser, plus a couple of photos of star Brad Dourif.

Executive-produced by van den Houten and produced by Laurence Avenet-Bradley, MALIGNANT is about a man grieving the death of his wife who becomes the victim of a horrific experiment to cure his addiction. In addition to Dourif, the cast includes Gary Cairns, Nick Nicotera, Sienna Farall, Steve Wastell and Jennifer Blanc. “MALIGNANT’s a very dark film with some morbid twists and turns,” Brian Avenet-Bradley, whose other films include GHOST OF THE NEEDLE and FREEZ’ER, tells Fango.

MALIGNANT recently had its world premiere as the opening-night film at LA’s Shriekfest; it next plays San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head festival, Saturday, December 14 at 3 p.m. at the New People Cinema. You can see the movie’s Facebook page here.




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