Full lineup, Kickstarter campaign: “IN FEAR OF” second season


Get ready to face a lot more phobias, as the second round of independent filmmaker Scott W. Perry’s IN FEAR OF on-line series is coming early next year. We’ve got the complete list of episodes, plus news of how fans can take part.

For IN FEAR OF’s second season (which we first covered here), Perry is joined behind the camera by a number of other indie directors, with several familiar faces from the East Coast horror scene appearing in various segments (full disclosure: this writer has a cameo in “Dementophobia,” and Fango’s Chris Alexander scored “Agoraphobia” and “Dysmorphophobia,” the latter pictured above). Prior to their on-line debuts, “Merinthophobia” will screen Saturday, November 9 at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in Buffalo, NY, and “Agraphobia” will be shown at Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z in Union, New Jersey on Saturday, Nov. 16. For those yet unfinished, Perry has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for postproduction, which includes a new preview video and offers perks ranging from screen credit to discs and props from assorted segments. To learn more about IN FEAR OF, check out the official website and Facebook page. The full second-season lineup is:

• “Agoraphobia: Fear of Leaving Home,” starring Anne Bobby (NIGHTBREED), Frank Vlastnik and Blaine Pennington, written and directed by Robert L. Brodmerkel

• “Agraphobia: Fear of Sexual Harassment,” starring Bradley Creanzo and Genoveva Rossi, written and directed by Bradley Creanzo

• “Autophobia: Fear of Abandonment,” starring Larry Wade Carrell (JACOB), Mayra Leal, Matthew Carter and Nick W. Nicholson (HIDDEN IN THE WOODS), written and directed by Scott W. Perry

• “Dementophobia: Fear of Insanity,” starring Rachael Robbins (THE SCREAMING DEAD) and Suzi Lorraine (WRATH OF THE CROWS), written and directed by Scott W. Perry

• “Disposophobia: Fear of Throwing Things Away,” starring Anne Bobby and Barbara Rosenblat, written by Bobby and directed by Jon Ecklund

• “Dysmorphophobia: Fear of Deformity,” starring Heather Drew, written and directed by Scott W. Perry

• “Gerontophobia: Fear of Aging,” starring Suzi Lorraine and Doc Dougherty, written and directed by Scott W. Perry

• “Glossophobia: Fear of Speaking in Public,” starring Debbie Rochon and David Marancik, written by Rochon and directed by Rochon and Scott W. Perry

• “Hydrophobia: Fear of Water,” starring Matthew Davis, Black Sam Bellamy and Samantha Slater, written by Steven-Mark Glassner and Sean N. Ihne and directed by Ihne

• “Merinthophobia: Fear of Being Bound or Tied Up,” starring Kaylee Williams and Adam Ginsberg, written and directed by Scott W. Perry

• “Mnemophobia: Fear of Memories,” starring TracyLynn Connor, Lauren Meley, Celine Bassman and Annalisa Derr, written and directed by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

• “Scotoamphobia: Fear of Blindness,” starring Susan Adriensen (UNDER THE RAVEN’S WING), Bryant Pearson, Bradley Creanzo, Shaen B. Kulman and Edward X. Young (MOLD), written and directed by Jeremiah Kipp

• “Taphaphobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive,” starring Zack Locuson, Jaime White and Parvati, written by PJ McIlvaine and directed by Stolis Hadjicharalambous (CROSSED)

• “Toxiphobia: Fear of Being Poisoned,” starring Kelly Rae LeGault, Pete Mizzo and Manoush (THE SUPER), written and directed by Thomas Norman (GITCHY)

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