Exclusive preview: Remastered zombie cult classic “THE DEAD NEXT DOOR”


Veteran independent horror filmmaker/distributor J.R. Bookwalter is getting ready to reissue his Super-8 zombie epic THE DEAD NEXT DOOR in hi-def, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the first six minutes of the remastered edition.

Utilizing over 1,500 zombie extras, Bookwalter began shooting THE DEAD NEXT DOOR 30 years ago; it took four years to finish and remains one of the biggest-scale productions of its kind ever made. The story of a Zombie Squad trying to take back the country from hordes of flesheating ghouls, while also confronting a religious cult devoted to saving them, will be issued in a three-disc Ultimate Edition Blu-ray release set to come out later this year. The package will include four unrated versions of the movie, two derived from a new 2K restoration of the original film elements, presented in 1080p HD (select that setting on the clip below).

The discs will be jam-packed with new and old supplements including commentary tracks, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, the complete soundtrack and (full disclosure) liner notes by yours truly. Go here for the complete content details, and head over to the Facebook page for more info on this edition.


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