Exclusive: Rochon, Wilcox join killer teddy bear in “CLINGER”!


Love and a child’s toy go bad in CLINGER, a horror/comedy getting ready to shoot in Houston, TX beginning July 20. We’ve got exclusive word of a couple of genre faves in the cast, comments from the team and a first FX pic to share.

CLINGEREXCCASTPICNEWS1Fango got the scoop that Debbie Rochon and Lisa Wilcox (from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 and 5) have come aboard CLINGER, written (with Gabi Chennisi) and to be directed by Michael Steves. Jennifer Laporte stars as Fern Petersen, a high-school senior whose overly affectionate boyfriend Robert Klinger is decapitated in an embarrassing accident. She tries to move on, but Robert comes back as a ghost attempting to contrive her death so they be together forever, by means including a killer teddy bear. Bubba Fish produces, with Mel House, director of CLOSET SPACE and PSYCHIC EXPERIMENT and producer of IMAGO (which also featured Wilcox and Rochon), serving as associate producer, and Phil Nichols is handling the practical FX, including that evil bear (for which one of his molds is pictured below).

CLINGER is described as being in the vein of the original FRIGHT NIGHT and EVIL DEAD II, and Wilcox tells us, “The script is laugh-out-loud funny. I can’t wait to play the role of the mother, Eugenia, and work with Mel House once again.” Adds Rochon, “After having done a number of very heavy roles recently, this comedy/horror is the perfect movie for me to be working on next. It’s a really fun, tight script with lots of action. I’m extremely excited to shoot in Texas with some incredible people involved!”

CLINGEREXCCASTPICNEWS2Steves is similarly excited by his discovery of new talent Laporte, a Houston native. “In the audition, she did a scene where her ghost boyfriend’s head falls off during their first time having sex, and she had to react to that. She was innocent, awkward, hilarious and 100 percent real. That’s when we knew she was perfect for the role.”

“When the CLINGER guys approached me to come on,” House tells us, “I was a little hesitant—our web series PLACEHOLDERS had just gotten picked up for television syndication, IMAGO is in the sales phase and our next feature is about to get greenlighted in August, not to mention that my daughter is almost a year old—so things are crazy around here! But once I read the script, I was in. It made me laugh out loud quite a few times, and reminded me a lot of GREMLINS and THE FRIGHTENERS. These kids have a true love for the genre—and yes, I mean the old-school good stuff—and they’ve coupled it with a comedic sensibility that plays to that love, not against it. I’m extremely proud to be a part of CLINGER, and I’m glad that Debbie and Lisa, two of my favorite people in the world and two of the best actresses I know, are along for the ride. Fittingly enough, Lisa will be here right around the 25th anniversary of NIGHTMARE 4’s release.”

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