Exclusive: Sadist Art dials up a “SCAREWAVES” poster


Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs has come up with another of his charmingly retro posters for an upcoming indie horror movie, this time heralding the anthology feature SCAREWAVES. We’ve got the exclusive first look after the jump.

Scheduled for release next summer by Camp Motion Pictures, SCAREWAVES is the latest production by Henrique Couto, of BABYSITTER MASSACRE, HAUNTED HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and others. The framing device is a radio show hosted by Amos Poe (John Bradley Hambrick), who tells four horrific tales, each by a different screenwriter: “Painting After Midnight,” written by Jeremy Blitz; “Fair Scare,” by John Oak Dalton; “Office Case,” by THE THINGS IN THE DARKNESS author Ira M. Gansler; and Couto’s own “Worth the Wait.” You can keep up with further SCAREWAVES developments at its Facebook page, and visit Sadist Art on Facebook too.


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