Exclusive “SCARE CAMPAIGN” teaser brings gory bits; filmmaker comments


On the verge of the movie’s world premiere at this year’s Monster Fest as the opening-night feature, the creators of 100 BLOODY ACRES have released a very exciting teaser trailer for their new shocker SCARE CAMPAIGN exclusively to FANGORIA, and shared a few words on the movie.

The clip offers rapid-fire horror imagery that succinctly lays out the intent of filmmaking brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes. Put simply: You will agree with the reaction of the actress Meegan Warner, and be left with no choice but to have to see the whole thing as soon as possible. Warner, THE VISIT’s Olivia DeJonge and Ian Meadows star along with experienced Australian horror hands like WOLF CREEK’s Cassandra Magrath, THE LOVED ONES’ John Brumpton and THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN’s Sigrid Thornton.

Talking to the brothers on set earlier this year (see first report here), it was hard not to inquire about the makeup FX content as compared to 100 BLOODY ACRES. “Double that at least,” Cameron says without hesitation, while Colin elaborates, “We set out to write less of that, because obviously it’s extra time and money, and we’ve got less of both here. But somehow, we ended up writing more, getting a bit carried away with ourselves. Justin Dix, who’s doing the production design along with the prosthetic stuff, also got a bit excited when reading the story and offered up a lot of extra gags.”

“Yeah,” Cameron continues, “like when we were writing a strangulation into the script, he’d say, ‘That’s a copout; chop his head off!’ [Laughs]” Colin also notes, “We’ve tried to make his life easier, but in the end, he’s made it more difficult. Ultimately, the results will be on the screen, and it’s going to be amazing. He and his team have done a fantastic job, and surprise us every day with superb gags and also performing the production design on a budget. It’s unbelievable.”

You will believe you want to see SCARE CAMPAIGN after viewing the teaser below; expect more news soon, and check out SCARE CAMPAIGN on Facebook and Twitter.

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