Exclusive set photos: “THE NIGHT VISITOR 2: HEATHER’S STORY”


When does Jennifer Blanc-Biehn sleep? The prolific actress/filmmaker is currently in production on THE NIGHT VISITOR 2: HEATHER’S STORY, the sequel to her paranormal thriller, and send along a few exclusive pics from the shoot.

The sequel tells a parallel story to the first NIGHT VISITOR, on which Blanc-Biehn made her directorial debut and which stars Brianne Davis as a the mother of a little boy who begins receiving nocturnal visits from the eponymous entity. This time, Davis is at the helm, and the script by Bradley and Kevin Marcus and Mark Gantt focuses on a young girl (Caitlin Carmichael, 1st photo below with Blanc-Biehn) who possesses special abilities and must protect her family—and the planet—from the same otherworldly being. Chip Coffey (2nd photo, and 3rd photo with Davis), a well-known paranormal investigator and speaker who hosted three seasons of the A&E/Biography series PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL and appeared in 31 episodes of A&E’s PARANORMAL STATE, co-stars in NIGHT VISITOR 2 along with Caitlin Carmichael, Gantt and Blanc-Biehn.

“After producing and directing the first film,” Blanc-Biehn says, “Lony Ruhmann and I began discussing ideas about the sequel to THE NIGHT VISITOR, and we could not be happier about the talent involved with the film. It’s exciting to have Chip Coffey join the cast. His expertise will add authenticity to the feature. Because I have a larger role in the sequel, we agreed Brianne would be perfect to direct me in THE NIGHT VISITOR 2.” Beyond her own productions, Blanc-Biehn will also be seen soon in Brian Avenet-Bradley’s MALIGNANT (see story here) and Joe Lynch’s single-room action thriller EVERLY.






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