Exclusive short-film preview, first news: Insane-O-Rama’s “CRAZY HOUSE”


The Insane-O-Rama Productions team that gave us HELL FIRE and ZA—ZOMBIES ANONYMOUS are gearing up for their fourth feature, the supernatural shocker CRAZY HOUSE, and have exclusively shared with Fango a short film offering a taste of the eventual feature, plus details on the project.

The short, titled FIRST NIGHT IN THE NEW HOUSE, focuses on a Brooklyn family just moved into a creaky old place in the Midwest, and the daughter who believes someone else is dwelling there. “I wrote it about two years ago,” scripter/director Marc Fratto tells Fango, “and it formed the basis of the script for CRAZY HOUSE. When we decided to raise money for that film, I thought it would be a good idea to shoot something that would best demonstrate the kind of visual quality and tone that the feature would have. Initially, we toyed with the idea of shooting the feature’s opening scene, but that would have been too expensive. I also preferred to shoot a short that could stand on its own.”

Producer Frank Garfi and DP David Carlucci will encore on CRAZY HOUSE from FIRST NIGHT, as will actress Katelyn Marie Marshall, who starred in HELL FIRE (reviewed here); makeup artist Melissa Roth will also be back from that feature. In CRAZY HOUSE, the protagonists in the haunted title site are a mob family who have gone into the Witness Protection Program. “They learn that the house has a history of murder/suicides,” Fratto says. “When the teenage daughter begins seeing ghosts and demons in the house, this convinces the men in the family to exploit the house for financial gain. They attract all the wrong kinds of attention, though, and wind up battling mobsters, a serial killer with a ghost-hunting side hobby and an overzealous evangelical preacher. The more time they spend in the house, the more unglued they become, bringing the movie to an explosive and violent last half hour. The audience will be constantly guessing whether the house is really driving people mad, or they are just a crazy bunch of people in a crazier situation.”

That won’t be the only involvement the audience will have, as Insane-O-Rama has launched an Indiegogo campaign offering not just physical perks and merchandise, but the opportunity to be creatively involved with and consistently updated about the production. Insane-O-Rama is targeting a winter/early spring shoot, with interiors to be lensed in Pennsylvania and New York and exteriors possibly shot down south. “We want this to be different from our other movies,” Fratto says, “since those were all made on shoestring budgets and inexpensive equipment. We plan on shooting CRAZY HOUSE on the RED in 4K high definition, and we’re looking to bring in name actors as well. Up until this point, I’ve always made movies knowing they were going to be straight-to-video affairs, but this will be the first time we’ll shoot one to show theatrically.

“The tone of the movie is also going to be different from anything we’ve done,” he continues. “While the film will have its doses of comedy, action and horror—all things I’ve dealt with before—what’s going to be different is that I want it to feel extremely real. The acting styles, the naturalistic tone of the dialogue and even the supernatural elements are going to be more subtle and haunting than the usual in-your-face stuff I do.” Stay tuned for further CRAZY HOUSE developments, and visit Insane-O-Rama’s official website.

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