Exclusive: Sigourney Weaver Boards “Prometheus 2”

When PROMETHEUS hit in 2012, one hotly debated aspect of the film was its place in the ALIEN chronology. However, according to very reliable sources, it seems that the recently announced PROMETHEUS 2 may be putting that debate to rest once and for all, as Sigourney Weaver has signed on to the film!

To what extent her character is involved, whether as a cameo or as a major character, is unknown, but FANGORIA has learned that Weaver will once again be playing a clone of her Ripley character, and that time travel will be essential to the plot of PROMETHEUS 2. Additionally, our source cited Michael Green’s recent rewrites of the script were to help further connect PROMETHEUS 2 to the ALIEN universe, and states other actors from the franchise may return as well in some capacity.

“The connection to the ALIEN franchise is getting the film fast-tracked, and the studio hopes to win back fans jaded by the tenuous connections in the first film,” claims our source. “Bringing on Sigourney all but seals the deal, and she’s currently the only other person I can confirm outside of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender for PROMETHEUS 2.”

Our source also says Weaver has increased her physical fitness regiment under famed trainer-to-the-stars Bill Carter, so hopefully ALIEN fans may see the 64-year-old actress back behind the power loader to face off against some Engineers! As of now, details are scant, as our source claims the production is so secretive that Weaver and director Ridley Scott had to take covert meetings while on the set of his biblical epic EXODUS.

“The studio didn’t want [Weaver and Scott] to talk about the project while near so many cameras and microphones while shooting EXODUS, so they borrowed a boat from the on-set spiritual adviser, Chip Gardner, and the two had all of their production meetings on international waters,” states our source. “They could pretty much talk about anything out there without having to worrying about anyone finding out.”

FANGORIA is still trying to scrape up more details, but our source couldn’t tell us much more, but made sure to mention that Weaver will be appearing in a one-night-only run of Don DiMello’s stage production of APRIL FOOL’S DAY.

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