Exclusive: “SLEEPAWAY CAMP” Remake On Hold, but Hiltzik May “RETURN” Again!


Fans turned out in force for FANGORIA and SCREAM Factory’s NYC screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP last night. But as fans laughed, cheered and gasped throughout the feature, the most shocking revelation at this event was director Robert Hiltzik’s revelation that his announced SLEEPAWAY CAMP remake may not be coming to a theater near you.

“There were several studios interested in remaking SLEEPAWAY CAMP,” noted Hiltzik when asked of the remake. “But they had their own vision for what that should be, and in the interest of protecting what worked about SLEEPAWAY CAMP, I decided to try to remake the film myself. But whether or not that will actually pan out is still in the air.”

However, SLEEPAWAY CAMP fans dare not fear about the slasher franchise, as Hiltzik hinted that there may be future adventures of Angela Baker.

“I will say there is another story out there for SLEEPAWAY CAMP that follows RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. I ended that movie in a way that didn’t close up the series for a reason,” added Hiltzik. “I actually may have some news on a third SLEEPAWAY CAMP film soon so keep an eye out for that.”

For those who are fans of the SLEEPAWAY CAMP franchise, Hiltzik has disavowed the Michael Simpson-directed entries in the series, UNHAPPY CAMPERS and TEENAGE WASTELAND, making RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP as a direct sequel to his original. Considering that genre films are being shopped around en masse at the Cannes Film Festival, might we be taking a trip back to Camp Arawak sooner rather than later? Only time will tell but for now, you can revisit the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP on Blu-ray on May 27th from SCREAM Factory and make sure to check out our full recap of Fangoria’s SLEEPAWAY CAMP screening and Q&A later this week!

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